Today I released the following updates:

Updated AR calculations to reflect Regulation 1.09.

This mainly affects certain weapons that now receive physical bonuses from Faith scaling (Wolnir’s, Lothric’s, and Morne’s). There were also a few nerfs (Anri’s sword, for example). A more thorough examination of the changes in Regulation 1.09 can be found here.

The values were mined out of the game’s datafiles, so they should be accurate. However, it’s possible something might have been inputted wrong, so if you see any problems let me know! (You can do so by filling out this form, yelling at me on Twitter, or leaving a comment on this post.)

As an aside, AR is pretty complicated in DS3 (as is the method by which you have to extract scaling modifiers). I’m considering writing a blog post outlining the whole process and formula – if that interests you, leave a comment!

Fixed a bug causing AR to not be reset on weapon change unless you switched infusions

This bug was caused by another bugfix I released earlier this week…don’t hate, code is tricky. :O

As an addendum, this is my first time writing up release notes on this blog. I plan to continue to do this – I’m able to go into more depth then I would on Twitter, and I’m fairly sure nobody ever looks at the changelog that I have on the main page of Mugenmonkey. Since I’d like to replace all of that with more helpful information, it seemed like a good idea to start shoving these here (both for visibility and posterity!).

- naiyt