I’ve improved the Dark Souls 3 Optimal Class Finder a bit. You can now find it located at the bottom of the planner in the new “Tools” sections:

Class Optimizer

Having a distinct “Tools” section should hopefully make finding the optimizer a bit more obvious. That’s also where I’ll place the armor optimizer, once I get around to building it.

The actual optimizer has also received a few updates. First off, I added a “Cancel” button at the bottom. There was always the “X” at the top and you could hit escape, but a lot of people still couldn’t figure out how to close it for some reason.

Class Optimizer

The other nice improvment is the “Apply to current build” button. This will apply the optimal class and your desired stats to your current build.

If you’re not familiar with the class optimizer its purpose is to determine what class will give you your desired stats at the lowest Soul Level. In order for it to work properly you should only fill out levels for stats you specifically care about (and leave the others blank).

Unfortunately, it still does not behave well on mobile (or really small browser windows). Updates to the site on mobile are not currently a priority. (Partly because I’m still planning on building a native mobile app…)

As always, let me know if you see any bugs or have any suggestions!

- naiyt