Today I released a standalone weapon AR calculator for Dark Souls 3. You can easily use this to get an overview of weapon AR at any level or infusion.

AR screenshot

As a reminder, all of this data is also available in the main DS3 planner:

Main planner AR

However, this standlone planner makes it easier to do a lot of stuff. Some example use cases:

  • I’m planning my build around using the Great Club with 50 Strength / 10 Dex. I want to know ahead of time whether it would be worth infusing it with Heavy. I plug 50 Str / 10 Dex into the calculator and filter for Great Hammers. You’ll notice that Normal AR is 532 while Heavy AR is 567. So go for that Heavy infusion!

  • Main planner AR

  • I’m curious what Hollow weapon has the highest potential damage output. I throw 50 into every stat and then sort the “Hollow” column:

  • Highest hollow AR

As a warning, this won’t work well on mobile. And I likely won’t be making it mobile friendly/responsive anytime soon.

If your curious how all of this is calculated, take a look at this previous blog post.