One thing that I’ve felt Mugenmonkey has lacked for awhile is good discoverability for builds. Historically you’ve only been able to sort builds by newest/oldest/highest rated (and not many people rate builds – something I hope to change with future updates). As such, I’ve released some updates today to make it easier to filter and search out builds.

If you head to the “Browse Builds” section for any of the planners you’ll know be greeted with a “Level Range” and “Search” option. You can put any valid level range in to return just builds within that range. You can also search the title of builds in the search box. (You can then still apply the “Highest Rated” sort order if you want.)

Here’s a few example scenarios where this could be handy:

  • You want to find some good builds within a set level range – say you’re doing SL30 PVP or want to see what some of the current SL120 meta builds are
  • You can remember part of the title of a build but you no longer have the link
  • You want to find a good SL100-SL120 Anri’s Short Sword build – just pop in “Anri” as your search term and enter a level range of 100-120


As an added bonus the build filtering should be somewhat more mobile friendly now.

Got any ideas for other filters you would find useful? Leave a comment!

- naiyt