As of today you can download a native mobile app for the MugenMonkey Dark Souls 1 character planner!

If you’re brand new to using MugenMonkey then you might want to start by checking out this guide.

If you’re already familiar with the site, the app should be easy to use, and should provide a much slicker mobile experience than the mobile version of the site.

You can fully use the character planner for free. There is also a cheap $1.99 IAP if you want to both support development (this app took a lot of work) and unlock some nice extra features. The IAP will disable ads, allow you to browse and load builds from the site, and give you the ability to sync your builds between the app and site.

Features I’m Working On

These are some features I’ve got in development and hope to have released soon.

  • Build favoriting - adding the ability to favorite builds from the app and view them later on the site (and vice versa)
  • Class optimizer - adding the sites class optimization feature
  • More online build searching / filtering options

Known Issues

  • Defense calculation may be a bit off in comparison to the site. Still working on determining which is more accurate
  • Not super optimized for small phones or tablets. My brother has tested the app on his iPhone 5S and it’s perfectly usable, but the content can feel a bit crammed. There’s a lot of info that I’m trying to display in the app, and it’s hard to get it to look perfect in every device size.

If you find a bug go ahead and hit me up on Twitter.